Sunday, June 7, 2009

Something's Fishy

Our June newsletter was filled with praise for health promoting fish! Fish is rich in omega 3 fatty acids which benefit our bodies in many ways. It helps our hearts, keeps our blood flowing, helps reduce inflammation, may help us focus better and improve mood. For infants and children the benefits are great as well- omega 3 fatty acids support brain and eye development and may help with speech and cognitive development. Of course there is a catch! Many fish are high in heavy metals such as mercury and selenium or pollutants such as pharmacological waste or pesticide run off. In addition to concerns regarding negative effects we might encounter eating fish, we need to be concerned about the negative effects eating fish have for the fish.
Since fish is such a health promoting food, we are fishing all our fish away!
So what to eat? How much to eat?

Guidance is often difficult to come by as recommendations are influenced by the philosophies of various groups.
Here are some websites to help you make decisions regarding which fish to eat.

For mercury content and how much of a fish is safe to eat visit:

To chose ocean friendly seafood, download a guide at:

For more information on omega 3 fatty acids visit:

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