Wednesday, September 12, 2012

GMO's... no, no, no!

Is our food really food anymore?  How do we know?  Experts estimate around 70% of the food sold in grocery stores contain genetically modified organisms (GMO)- yet this is not required to be on a label so we do not know if a product that we are purchasing contains a GMO.  Although it’s still unclear if GMOs actually pose real health risks, over 90% of Americans agree that they should be identified on food packages and that they as consumers have the right to know what is in the food that they are purchasing.
This growing demand has lead to several initiatives to spread awareness about GMOs and in strong support of labeling legislation. This labeling legislation is known as Proposition 37 and if passed this November in California, Proposition 37 would require packaged food companies to label genetically modified food in their products by January 2014.  It is our right as consumers to know if there are GMOs a food so we can make the decision as an educated consumer as far as what products we want to purchase (or NOT purchase).  Research has shown that if given the choice, many Americans would not choose products that contain GMOs.  Would YOU???