Monday, December 27, 2010

Holiday Travel... Without an Extra 5 Pounds

The holidays are here, and many people will be traveling as a part of the holiday season. Try to avoid being in “vacation mode” in terms of your food and physical activity. Vacation splurges could quickly add up! Here are some tips on eating on the run.

Tip 1: Plan ahead. If you are traveling in the plane, train or automobile, plan to pack some snacks such as almonds, dried fruit, whole wheat sandwich thins and almond butter.

Tip 2: Do your research. Before you leave for your trip, find out what options are in that location. Check to see what grocery stores are near by, and restaurants you may find yourself going to eat. Once you know this information you can prepare properly. Many restaurants have menus online that will show you the nutrition information of their meals, and you can locate grocery stores for proper snacks or plan meals you will prepare on your own.

Tip 3: Watch your portions. No matter where you go, eating well is well within your capabilities if you simply watch your portions. Think in terms of moderation so that you still enjoy some of the holiday indulgences.

Tip 4: Get some rest. Vacations are meant to be restful, so rest! Give your self a break from your normal routine and try something new... yoga outdoors (weather permitting, of course), taking a hike or meditation.

Enjoy travels and holiday season!


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