Friday, March 26, 2010

Easter Baskets for Special Diets

First a disclaimer.....see past blogs about sugar and behavior and sugar and heart disease... (and lets not forget tooth decay).

Sometimes, though, candy is going to be in the picture so what do you do when you need a candy that is gluten free or casein free or dye free or soy free or (fill in the blank) free?
This website,
allows you to search for candies that meet specific dietary criteria. In addition to candy they also have toppings and baking supplies (sprinkles!). After you search, you can view the ingredients before you place your order.

While filling your basket (or party bag or whatever) think about other special items to toss in OTHER than candy. Playdough, whistles, balls, a "coupon" for an outing, bubbles, seeds or little plants for spring planting (try sweet peas, for an easy veggie to grow).
Adding an orange, kiwi or little apple can even make the fruit look more appetizing (humor me!)

Enjoy the spring!


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