Monday, January 19, 2009

Food Allergies with Style

Managing your child’s food allergies involves not only food but a list of other things including medical ID bracelets, medication carriers and emergency plans/phone numbers. We try to do everything that we can to make our kids feel included by bringing foods that are like their friends but then, what about that bracelet or bag they have to carry? Are they wearing it when we aren’t with them? Do they have emergency phone numbers or information in case something happens?

Never fear… there are several online resources, like, that offer a wide variety of very fashionable medical ID bracelets (think leather, watches and beaded bracelets) or (glow in the dark and mood straps). With all of the cool styles offered, your child will actually WANT to wear it (and their friends will probably want one too). My son has his eye on the camo wristband... I think it will be my next purchase!

In all seriousness, medical ID bracelets and portable self-injectable epinephrine and other medications are essential and can save your child’s life. Always remember to educate others about your child’s allergies, teach them how to avoid exposures and what to due in the event of an accidental exposure/ingestion.

Additional resources:

The next Food Allergy Support Group Meeting will be on Saturday February 21st at 10am... it's free! Email for more details


  1. You may also want to check out the bracelets and necklaces at The peanut allergy charm ( is adorable and their service is the first and only technologically sophisticated emergency alert system on the market - in an emergency it allows responders to access users VITAL medical data (including allergies) via phone, web, or text.

  2. Thanks Stephanie... We will definately check it out! Thanks for reading.